What to expect when you call to make an appointment;

You will be asked questions about your animals age, sex and breed, training level and use, previous hoof care , other husbandry questions like feeding practices and shelter availability. Exact street address and any road side markers for locating your farm and a contact phone number . Appointments are available any day of the week from late morning to early afternoon.

Imagine making a farrier appointment and having the farrier show up on time, treat your animal with kindness and respect, doing a detailed balanced  barefoot hoof trim and having the option to set up the next hoof trim appointment at the time of payment. Having the time and knowledge to review feed bag and supplement labels with you. Writing any suggestions on your bill along with that important next appointment date. Making that follow up appointment is crucial to keeping the hooves healthy and balanced. There will be a reminder/confirmation call or text the day before appointments. I am also available by phone/text should you have additional questions at any time. i would love to hear from you, just call or text 360-880-3264

How much will it cost?

In order to always be on time and for customers to have flexibility with appointments there is a

Farm Call charge based on distance each visit

(please Text 360-880-3264 with your address for a cost estimate, ranges from $10 - $40 +  )


no farm call charge when you haul in to my farm weather permitting. Haul in visits are only available for animals used to traveling.


-Set up Trim (1st Visit ,Photos before &after taken plus nutrition and husbandry review) ..............$45/animal

The next trim usually 4-6 weeks later is a Maintenance Trim..................$40/animal 

(trimmed on a 4-8 week schedule)

How long does the trim appointment take?

Set up Trims allow 45 minutes to one hour per animal which is usually more than enough time to get the job done.  Maintenance trims usually last about 30 minutes. If the animal has behavior challenges and  takes a lot longer , there will be additional charges.

Behavior problems will be managed by the owner or you can take lessons in Positive  reinforcement training ( aka clicker training) for a fee.

Additional prices:

-Hay Test lab cost................$28/sample

-Clicker Training 1 hour session $40

-Renegade hoof boots,

  in stock and fitted ............$175/pair

-hoof casting , no glue.......$ 12/hoof

-Adhere glue........................$20/hoof

-Super fast custom shoe........$20/hoof

-Easy shoe Glue on shoes call for price