With over twenty five years of experience caring for equines my goal is to provide you with the best hoof care for your horse , donkey or mule.  I continue to increase my knowledge and keep on top of new findings related to equine health and hoof care.  You really cannot separate the two !  With out overall health of the equine, the hoof will suffer.  Therapeutic and maintenance barefoot hoof trimming will help to heal and maintain the hoof in a healthy condition. 

Hoof boots are the shoe of the future. They provide protection when the horse needs it.

Forage testing with  www.equianalytical.com can really help fine tune the diet for optimal health.  Hoof casting can help in healing hooves when they need protection 24/7  and you can still exercise the horse as soon as possible!

When your horse needs additional care, I will refer you to the best local Veterinarians in the area and work with them, to get your horse sound.

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